Enjoy Plenty of Space and Organization With a Custom Designed Metal Garage

Whether you’re currently parking under a carport or leaving your vehicle in the Texas sun, it’s time to add a garage. With a custom designed metal garage from National Metal Buildings, you can enjoy space for your tools, outdoor gear and even items you have in storage.  Your first step is to determine what you need.

Enjoy Plenty of Space and Organization With a Custom Designed Metal Garage

What Do You Need to Store?

How many vehicles would you like to keep under cover at the moment? Are planning to add another vehicle, or perhaps an RV? If you have the space in your yard to build a taller garage, now may be the time to prepare for your dream RV.  Once you have the space for it, you’ve got a better chance of finding one!

How Do You Want to Use the Space?

Perhaps you could also use 

  • a woodshop
  • a welding spot
  • on-site storage

Carefully review the site space you have for your new custom metal garage. If you need two garage spots for vehicles, check out the possibility of putting in a larger building and using the extra space for the tinkering space you’ve always wanted.

Be aware that we can build you a garage with a roofed porch. Depending on which direction your new building faces, we can offer you a spot to enjoy a cup of coffee while you watch the sunrise. We can also keep you covered from the heat of the setting sun at the end of a long day.

We Can Match Your Color Scheme

Your garage needs to add as much visual appeal as it does convenience and storage value. Whether you need a white garage to match your white farm house or you want a barn red garage to add a rustic feel, we can help you choose the color that will make your lot shine. Do be aware that colors can appear very different on a computer screen than in person.

Let’s Talk

Your new garage can serve several requirements on your property, including allowing you to get rid of rented storage spaces and give you a place to work on your favorite projects. Before you make your final choice of design or color, give us a call so we can meet and review your site and your needs.

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